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"Thanks to Gerasimos, our marketing strategy has seen a remarkable transformation. His insightful guidance and data-driven approach have empowered us to make informed decisions, resulting in increased brand recognition and customer engagement."
"Gerasimos played a pivotal role in our digital transformation journey. His expertise in implementing cutting-edge technologies and optimizing our online presence has not only streamlined our operations but also opened up new avenues for growth."
"Kudos to Gerasimos Tzamarelos and his team! Their creative and strategic approach to social media management has resulted in a substantial increase in our online community. The engaging content they produce has not only attracted new followers but has also strengthened our brand's connection with our audience."

H2H Marketing

H2H marketing represents the most modern school of thought, continuing the innovative work of pioneer Philip Kotler. Kotler together with Waldemar Pfoertsch and Uwe Sponholz develop a revolutionary model for the design and implementation of marketing strategies. They introduce and explain new concepts that will help marketers, leaders and companies to move from a traditional marketing model to a modern, people-centred model.

Author: Philip Kotler – Waldemar Pfoertsch – Uwe Sponholz
Translation in Greek: Gerasimos Tzamarelos
Publication date: 26/10/2022
Published by Klidarithmos


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